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Collaborative Partnerships
Resolve Gets ResultsTM enjoys close relationships with the following companies:

Linked2Success - helping companies to get better sales and marketing results by using business social media intelligently.

SingularNet - ethical consulting around people development, corporate social responsibility and radically new organisational models for business, based in Spain but working throughout Europe and South/Central America
Strata Partners - corporate finance and fundraising support for established technology businesses looking to grow, sell to new owners, or make acquisitions
Whitehall Advisory Group - a boutique business advisory practice that identifies "Best Practices" no matter what the product, service or discipline, based in  North Carolina, USA.
Development Associates Inc. (DAI) - provides confidential site selection, incentive negotiation, and real estate advisory services to US domestic and international companies investing in the USA, across all industry sectors.

Resolve Gets ResultsTM  is pleased to announce it has recently signed an alliance agreement with DAI our new partner in the USA to develop bilateral business interests.
We will keep you updated on this and other new partnerships  in future News bulletins.